Message from CCA Kerala Telecom Circle

 We have immense pleasure in informing you that a new website for CCA offices is under preparation.  As you are aware, CCA offices are pivotal in the regular payment of pension to both DoT as well as BSNL pensioners.

We cater to nearly 18000 pensioners in the Circle.  There are 14 public sector Banks through which the pension is being drawn.  Similarly, 51 Head Post Offices in Kerala also draw pension for nearly 6200 pensioners.  This circle had distributed nearly  251.18 crores as pension to various classes of retirees during 2015-16.

Aside from the crucial work of disbursement of pension, this office also plays a cardinal role in the  assessment of dues from various telecom operators and verification of the deductions claimed by them.  The revenue is in the form of license fee and spectrum charges.  We collected nearly Rs. 815 crores under both the heads during the year 15-16.  Several schemes under USO funds are also handled by this office.

We are gearing up to offer more services like direct payment from our office, streamlining of disbursement functions of pension etc.  Your suggestions for further improvement of our office as well as for strengthening the systems and procedures are cordially welcome.


                                                                                    CCA, KERALA TELECOM CIRCLE




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