Release of Retirement Benefits:

Pension and Retirement Benefits: Consequent on the corporatisation of the service providing arm of the Department of Telecom and the promulgation of Rule 37A of the CCS Pension Rules, as per which the Government has taken the responsibility for payment of pension to the erstwhile government servants absorbed in the PSU, the CCA Office is responsible for budgeting of pension expenditure and authorization and issue of Pension Payment Orders for Telecom pensioners including those retiring from MTNL and BSNL. It liaisons with banks to ensure proper application of rules and regulations and for smooth disbursement of pensions. The CCA Office also carries out post audit/post check of pension payments. The pension cases and other retirement cases are processed by the SSAs of the field units in BSNL and sent directly to the CCA Offices. The CCA Office issues PPOs and the authorities for DCRG, Commutation payment, family pension authority, authority for payment of the accumulation CGEGIS – 1980, CGEGIS – 1977, to those on deemed deputation to the BSNL and also for those who opt to get absorbed in BSNL.

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